The Parish Council is supporting an initiative for vegetable growing. This

started in a town elsewhere in the country and the whole town joined in

growing vegetables wherever they could. It’s all about community growing

and feasting together with particular emphasis on local produce being sold

local shops. The idea is for anyone who has spare ground or even large pots

or window boxes, to utilise these in which to grow vegetables. The Parish

Council would like to see something similar in Wouldham so if you have any

ideas on progressing this, please contact Councillor Anthea Parnell (01634

683271) who will be happy to explain the concept in greater detail.



  Top Tips for a perfect Vegetable Plot



If you want to grow your own vegetables, here are some helpful hints to get you started.

  1. When preparing a vegetable plot it can be very daunting. Divide the area into 4 smaller plots for rotating annual crops, and try and have one more permanent area for crops such as rhubarb, herbs and soft fruit. Crop rotation is important to reduce a build up of pests and diseases, also crops use up the nutrients differently.

  2. Make a path through the centre, you may want to divide the plots with planks of wood or gravel.

  3. It is best to plant in rows which run in a North -South direction which gives maximum light and fewer shadows.

  4. If including a shed or greenhouse place this at the northern end of your plot.

  5. Go to for more details and suggested layout for planting your plot.



In future tips for gardening, I will mention using patio planting, and anything else that is topical. Any input from keen gardeners would be most helpful. Anthea Parnell  

Email …. Anthea Parnell <>