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Saving space

There’s room for a few fruit and vegs in any garden, no matter how small. You don’t have to have a dedicated veg plot to grow them successfully. You can mix them in with your flowering plants. It’s what cottage gardeners have done for centuries. You can  grow vegs among ornamentals or vice versa. There are many varieties which have ornamental qualities, such as red flowered beans, crinkly leafed lettuce, black french beans and yellow tomatoes. Even carrots grow well in amongst flowers. Use vertical spaces, e.g. grow tomatoes in hanging baskets, the slugs cannot reach them, but they must be watered every day, and given some feed once a week.

On a patio you can grow potatoes in big bags, salad leaves, herbs, courgettes, climbing beans in various comtainers, also sweet peppers. Try www.bbc.co.uk/gardening for more ideas.  

 Next time, I will discuss raised veg plots. 

Anthea Parnell


Raised beds

 Raised beds , now is the time to start planning your raised beds for next year. Buy or make your own. These are 3 sizes you may like to try.:-1000x2000x200mm-  1000x1500x200, or 1000x1000x200mm. Place them on an unused section of grass and fill them up with home-made compost and some bought in top-soil. The grass dies off naturally. You can think about growing potatoes, rocket, lettuce, beetroot, runner beans, & onions.Multiple raised beds allow you to divide your plot and rotate your crops. A good 4 year rotation scheme for one bed would be potatoes in year one, followed by peas and beans in year two, then brassicas and root vegetables in the third and fourth years. If you do not want wooded beds, you can now buy a varity of link-a- bord plastic modular systems from all the well known nurseries. You might like to try www.wigglywigglers.co.uk this website has a whole range of tips and ideas. 

 September 2009   Anthea Parnell WPC