Welcome to Wouldham Parish Council's Website

Wouldham is one of 28 parishes within the Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council area. Set beside the river Medway, Wouldham has a fascinating history, from its industrial development of the cement works during the 19th and 20th centuries and its connection with the HMS Victory through Walter Burke, the ships Purser, who once lived in Wouldham.

Wouldham is a small village on the bank of the River Medway. Its population is approximately 1100 people, with the 11th-century church, one school, one village shop, and two public houses, The Medway Inn and The Waterman's Arms. The 3rd public house in the village- The Foresters Inn closed to the public in 2013.

Until 1963 there was a ferry crossing over the Medway to Halling on the opposite bank. On the Wouldham Marshes is Starkey House built in 1483: a now-restored Grade II listed medieval manor house called Starkey Castle.

In the churchyard, is the grave of Walter Burke, who was present onboard HMS Victory at the battle of Trafalgar and the man who held Nelson in his arms as he died.

Wouldham school celebrates this connection with history in many ways, its four sports teams being named after ships at the Battle of Trafalgar (Victory, Ajax, Sovereign, Britannia), students being assigned into a house named after one of four famous figures at Trafalgar, which they are able to earn merit points for, and by holding an annual event at the nearby church to commemorate Walter Burke