Agenda May 2015



To all members of the Council



of the Parish council to be held on

Tuesday 19TH MAY 2015, at 7.00pm,  followed by the

MEETING OF THE parish COUNCIL  AT wouldham village hall

Members of the Public and Press are welcome to attend



To receive apologies for absence


To appoint a temporary Clerk for the meeting


3.   To receive the Chairman’s Annual Report for 2014/2015


4.   Election of Chairman for 2015/2016


5.   Election of Vice Chairman for 2015/2016


6.   Signing of Declarations of Acceptance of Office by Chairman, Vice Chairman and       councillors


7.   To appoint membership for Committees/Groups:-


7.1     Planning Committee – appoint 4 Parish Councillors

7.2     Peters Village – to set up a new committee and agree terms of reference

7.3     New Village Hall Fundraising Sub Committee – appoint 2 Parish Councillors

7.4     Village Hall Committee – appoint 3 Parish Councillors

7.5     Henry Peters Charity Trust Committee Neighbourhood Watch – PC representative

7.6      Neighbourhood Watch – PC representative


8.  To appoint Councillors to the following responsibilities:-


8.1     Allotments Association – PC contact

8.2     BAM Nuttall – emergency contact

8.3     Community Payback works co-ordinator

8.4     Church newsletter – write monthly article for the Church magazine

8.5     Flooding – PC representative with the EA for flood alerts

8.6     Footpaths

8.7     Litter/Cleaning

8.8     Highways and verges

8.9     Parish Website co-ordinator

8.10    Recreation Ground and Insurance Risk Assessment check

8.11    Street Lighting

8.12    Wouldham Common

8.13    Wouldham School and Pre-School

8.14    Youth Club


9.  Wouldham Parish Council Bank Accounts


9.1 Agree bank signatories :- Natwest Current and Reserve Account

Nationwide Savings account


10.  To agree future full council meeting dates






1.   Apologies for Absence


2.   Approval of the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on 7th April 2015


3.   Matters arising from the Minutes


4.   To receive Declarations of Interest


5.   External Reports

5.1 To receive report from Borough Councillors and questions from the Council

5.2  To receive report from County Councillor and questions from the Council

5.3  To receive monthly crime and incidents report and questions from the Council

5.4  To receive report from Neighbourhood Watch and questions from the Council

5.5  To receive report from the Youth Club and questions from the Council


6.   Planning

6.1 Planning applications considered and commented upon by the Planning Committee:

TM/15/00998/RM – Reserved matters application for phase 2 at the former Peters Pit and Peters Work Site, Hall Road, Wouldham
TM/15/001240/RM – Reserved matters application in respect of appearance for the erection of 6no. electricity substations at the former Peters Pit and Peters Work Site, Hall Road, Wouldham
TM/15/00533/RD – Details of Travel Plan pursuant to condition 37 of planning permission TM/05/00989/OAEA at the former Peters Pit and Peters Work Site, Hall Road, Wouldham
TM/15/00926/FL – Additional information regarding the PV panels at School Farm, School Lane, Wouldham

6.2  Planning consents issued:

6.3  Planning applications refused:

6.4  Other Planning Issues:


7.   Peters Village


8.  Members of the Public (The Parish Council meeting is open to members of the public for questions for 30 minutes. One question per person will be allowed initially and only if time permits further questions will be allowed.  Members of the public will not be allowed to speak during the Council’s formal business unless invited to do so by the Chairman)


9.  Street Lighting


10. Highways & Verges

10.1 to consider further action for the Oldfield Drive roundabout in response to a residents email i) letter drop to residents involving the PCSO ii) consider possible signage.


11.  Footpaths/PROW


12. Allotments


13. Wouldham Common


14. Village Hall

14.1  Existing hall: to receive report from the Village Hall Committee Chairman

14.2  Proposed new hall: to receive report from the Fundraising Sub Committee Chairman


15. Recreation Ground


16. Administrative and Finance Matters

16.1  Approval of Accounts for payment: Parish Council (appendix 1)

16.2 To discuss and approve items for the Church News in July 2015

16.3 To agree on the advertisement details for appointing a new Parish Clerk

16.4 To consider outsourcing the booking/PAYE work until a new clerk is appointed


17. Correspondence Received


18. Date of Next Meeting


19. Questions from Councillors, Chairman and Clerk/Future Agenda Items








Mrs Sarah Egglesden

Parish Clerk

Wouldham Parish Council

52 Garner Drive, East Malling, Kent ME19 6NF

Tel: 01732 870862   Email:


Dated: 13th May 2015